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EZ-Heat & EZ-Chill

One of our most popular categories are heaters and fans. Mr. Brands, LLC. has created a full line with everything from infrared and quartz to your standard fan forced. Giving customers a variety of products that compete with major brands and unbeatable prices. We are also proud to announce our newest category of EZ-heat heated blankets.   

Elite Security

Elite Security is an in house label created by Mr. Brands, LLC. We produce everything from locker locks to a whole line of house-hold lock sets, bath/hallway door knobs, and keyed entry knobs. We created this brand as we saw a need for quality products at affordable prices.

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Grounds Keeper

Grounds Keeper is a full line of long and short handle garden tools developed by Mr. Brands, LLC. This category provides everything from forged round point to square point shovels. We also provide a variety of different handles including fiberglass and wood.

Mr. Slider

Mr. Slider is an house label created by Mr. Brands, LLC. Taking a look at customer’s needs and trends we created a line of floor/furniture care as well as furniture sliders. We have also created multiple variety packs that fit all of a customer’s needs while maintaining quality and unbeatable prices.


Created to fill the space for the DIY customer (and even contractors), Mr. Brands, LLC. has created a full electrical line. With a wide variety of cables, wall taps, switches and night lights, TruConnect can service everyone. Not only do we provide your standard extension cords, we also provide contract grade, as well as cold weather extension cords.

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